Do you have a specific health goal you wish to achieve? Or just want to learn more about eating well? Then booking a consultation can help you achieve this.

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If you feel in need of some motivation to implement a healthier lifestyle or maybe you are struggling with a health issue, I understand how hard it can be to implement changes when our lives are so busy. A one-to-one consultation and a bit of extra guidance and advice may help you to implement changes long term and become healthier and happier too!

I offer advice on how to eat and live well but also specialise in.

  • Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Weight Managment
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Eating on a budget
  • Healthy eating for the family


Personalised nutrition plans start from £125.
Other wellness packages are available upon request.

How we work

Discovery call

A free 15-minute mini consultation to discuss your symptoms, goals and concerns. I will then explain how my services can help. If I think your case is outside my remit, I will happily refer you on.


Private consultations can be face-face in Nottingham or on zoom/skype

The consultation can be focused to a specific health concern or just a wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A detailed overview of you and your goals will be formulated taking into account your general health, gut health, sleep, stress, movement, family history, dietary habits and any medical conditions you may have.

Prior to the consultation I may ask you to fill in a 3-day diet diary and answer a short questionnaire on your symptoms/health concerns. This information allows us to prepare in advance maximising your time in the consultation.

Within a few days I will provide you with a personalised, evidenced based nutrition and lifestyle plan to follow. Although food is, and should always be, our first port of call, sometimes supplements may be recommended too.


During the follow-up consultations, your progress will be assessed and any nutritional and/or supplement advice may be adjusted if required. I will also discuss any remaining concerns or difficulties you face when following the plan – again adjustments to the plan can be made to help you achieve your goals.


The number of consultations necessary depends upon your individual circumstances. It is advisable to be seen at least twice – ie the initial consultation and then a follow-up about 6 weeks later. This ensures the original plan is working for you.

For those with more complex issues, I may advise that additional appointments would be beneficial to meet your nutritional health goals. In some instances a referral is necessary to a specialist or another health professional.

All initial consultations typically last for 1 hour where a detailed picture of your diet, lifestyle,  overall health, medical conditions, medications etc along with your goals for the future will be discussed. Some people can find this overwhelming, especially talking about diet and lifestyle choices but please remember this is carried out with zero judgment and the more honest

This will take into account your general health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function, occupation and any medical conditions you may have.

“If you want to invest in your health I would highly recommend Jo. Always informative and advise is based on evidence. I have used Jo for advise on my own personal nutrition and for advise on the meals we provide to the team at breakfast and dinner so we ensure they get the best meals for a working week and benefit from a well balanced, healthy and energetic menu.”
Sat Bains - Two-Michelin Star Chef, Nottingham
“We have worked with Jo on a variety of nutrition projects, she is extremely knowledgable and great fun to work with! I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for expert nutritional advice and support, whatever your goal.”
Sally Carter - Co-Founder, The Coco Collective
“Jo is extremely personable and helpful. Completely non judgemental and always able to find easy ways to implement changes to diet, in a manageable way without it being overwhelming.”
Zoe Brown

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